How This Works

Goal 1: Be Useful

I will increase your brand awareness with fresh, valuable content that creates trust and authority with your audience. Informative content helps your followers view your business in a positive light because it provides value. The goal is to use this positive association to create a base of loyal customers.

Ways I can help you achieve this:

  • Identify the best platforms for your business
  • Create and follow an Editorial Calendar
  • Maintain consistent, cohesive social media posts
  • Give customer support with quick response to comments and concerns
  • Prioritize honesty and authenticity
  • Research best days/times to post
  • Constantly reevaluate effectiveness with analytics

Goal 2: Be Appealing

Visuals play an important part in social media branding. If your look and feel is all over the place, there will be a disconnect for your audience. You want your branding to be consistent across all channels so that people can immediately recognize your business no matter where they are online. Along with consistency, you want your brand to be visually appealing.

How I can help you accomplish this:

  • I will capture your brand through quality photography and video
  • Use themes to create a pleasing aesthetic, based on your specific brand
  • I also offer advanced content creation if you want to make original video for Facebook, IGTV, or YouTube, post consistent blog posts, or manage a YouTube channel.
  • Cohesiveness – be consistent across all channels
  • Develop a social media voice (company culture, audience, authenticity)

Goal 3: Be Engaging

What is it that makes your business (and you!) interesting? What makes you special? What relationship are you creating with your buyers? My job is to highlight these key elements of your brand through storytelling in order to hook your dream consumer into becoming a lifelong supporter.

How I can tell help you tell your story:

  • Help you pinpoint your unique narrative
  • Devise a social strategy that supports that narrative
  • Create content that authentically tells your story


Nuts & Bolts   --  $1500/month

Brand, Marketing & Social Media Strategy

I'll guide you through custom content and brand strategy. Get started here!

Big Picture   --  $50/hour

Influencer and Partner Development

We'll create strategic partnerships with influencers to build your community base!

Above & Beyond   --  per project fee

Advanced Content Creation

Need an IGTV series? Fresh content for your YouTube channel? I got you covered.


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