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June 20, 2020

4 Helpful Tips to Follow Before You Go Live on Instagram

Make sure you do these 4 things to ensure your Instagram Live is successful!

  • Research days and times your audience is most active. If you go into your Instagram Insights, you are able to see when your followers are on Instagram and when they engage with you the most. If your audience is most active on Thursdays and Sundays around 6pm, then you know exactly when you are doing your Live!
  • Have a plan. There’s nothing worse than clicking on someone’s Instagram Live to realize that they have NO IDEA what to talk about. The reason you’re going Live is to offer value to your audience. So make sure that you have a theme for the Live, bullet points of what you’re talking about, and a clear idea of how and why you are offering this value.
  • Don’t expect an audience (especially if you are new to Instagram Lives). Just like any skill, it takes practice. Your first few Lives will not be perfect… and that’s okay! Plus, the truth is, not a lot of people see videos when they go live. Most views come after you’ve posted the Live because they stay up for 24 hours. 
  • Be confident! I know it can be scary to be Live on the internet, but think about why you’re making the Live in the first place. You are here to help. Talk to your audience the way you would talk to your sister or friend on the phone. At the end of the day, it’s just Instagram. There’s no need for formality and nerves here.

And there you go! I hope these tips were helpful for you. Now go out there and ROCK your Instagram Live!

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