My inner nerd shines through on this one. Let's be honest. I was the kid who relished reading Lord of the Rings for 6 hours at a time and waited in the midnight line at Barnes and Noble for the latest Harry Potter. (OK. Also, Twilight. Geez.) Anytime I'm able to wield a sword and speak in a horrible British accent, I'm probably at my happiest. 

This sketch was in honor of my great love for Game of Thrones. I wrote the sketch with my friends in mind. Yes, Sam is a British guy who was forced to come act in my sketch because he looks a hell of a lot like Kit Harrington. And yes, Paul really did act as an extra in Game of Thrones. Yasmin was particularly delightful as the partygoer, and Brooke, in addition to being a fantastic Red Woman, ended up being the set choreographer as well. 

Lisa and I loved shooting this so much that we are planning on making another for the Season 7 finale. I. Can't. Wait.