NEW SKETCH: Living like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for a Week!

Like most die-hard Amy Sherman-Palladino fans, I eagerly awaited the premiere of Amazon's The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. I was not disappointed. In fact, and I hope this is not blasphemous, I think I love it more than Gilmore Girls. In this mockumentary video, I live like Midge Maisel for a week! 

NEW SKETCH: Types of People at Brunch

Which type of person at brunch are you? In the latest HoweFunny sketch, we look at the types of girls you might find at brunch: The Birthday Girl, The Foodie Social Media Guru, The Embarrassed To Be Basic Girl, and The Girlfriends Who Love Each Other.

NEW SKETCH: Instagram Makes You Feel Like a Loser

I'm experimenting with inviting some talented writer friends to write sketches for the HoweFunny YouTube channel. Though I love writing, between self-producing, acting, and directing, it can be difficult to wear all the hats. It's so fun to see what other people bring to the table! This sketch is about when Instagram makes you feel like a loser!

NEW SKETCHES: Halloween, Stranger Things, and Miranda Sings

Halloween has come and gone, but this Halloween sketch about a disgruntled trick or treater will live on. 

In celebration of "Stranger Things", these two Eleven Superfans discuss wild theories for Season 2! 

Channelling my inner Colleen Balinger in this Miranda Sings parody of "Haters Back Off" Season 2! 

NEW SKETCH: Gilmore Girls in Real Life

"Gilmore Girls" is my all time favorite TV show. This silly scene was inspired by some of my favorite Lorelai quotes combined with my imagining of what might happen if Lorelai was her eccentric, colorful self at MY local coffee shop.