About Me


As a Gilmore Girl living in an SNL world, I’m the girlboss who will make you sign my petition. Recently, you can find me in the indie feature “Final Aurora” where I played a passionate ghost hunter leading tours around the haunted places of Pasadena. You can also catch me on TV putting on Toyota Jan’s shoes as part of her perky pit crew. I am currently studying improv and sketch comedy at UCB and Second City.

I am also the creator of the YouTube channel HoweFunny where I write, produce, direct, and act in sketches that make me laugh. What makes me laugh? Clever feminist manifestos, silly songs about dating the wrong kinds of guys, and dark sci-fi stories where aliens and elves go homicidal. My favorite HoweFunny video so far is The Rory’s Boyfriends Song, a Gilmore Girls parody song about the pros and cons of Rory’s best boys. It got 73K views and 140 shares on Facebook!